Apparently, many students do not like, if not hate English. Often, when people were asked if they like English, they would answer no. But this should not be the case. English should not be something to be intimidated about. It gives you one universal answer to a problem, if you will follow the correct law or rule. But if it is really difficult for you, it is always a good idea to ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help in English. Answering English questions is a skill and can be develop. And if having English tuition for that will help you, go and get it. Where to find these tutors?

Always start with your peers.
You always have to look within your friends first. Because you are comfortable with your friends. It will be easier for you to communicate with them. And they can talk in such a way you will understand. Check with your peers if there is someone from them who is good in English and who can teach you. Do not be shy to ask them for help.

At school.
There are some teachers who would be willing to tutor you for a certain fee. You just have to go and ask them. These teachers would want to help you with your studies and improve on the topics that you are not excelling. If they are not available, they can refer you to someone who is. You can also try checking with the student organizations you have in your school if there is student buddy tutoring program that you can avail. The seniors in your organization will always be willing to lend a hand to help you.

There are people in Facebook, or other social media platforms, that are posting that they are accepting a tutor job, for a fee. These people are those working as a tutor for a part-time job as an additional income for them. You can also search a tutor via Google, and there are many websites that has a list of tutors available around you. But you need to be careful when searching for a tutor online since these people listed would be a total stranger to you. Always check if the website is legit and is really providing a skillful tutor. If you found them through social media, you may want to check their profile first before availing their service. Just be extra careful and vigilant.

In conclusion, intimidation in English is understandable. And if you are having some difficulty with English, remember that you are not alone. What is more important is that you are willing to ask for help and willing to be taught. As mentioned earlier, answering English questions is a skill. So if it is a skill, you just need to practice so that it would be easier for you the next time.