People in general have always been fascinated with different genres of music such as pop, rhythm and blues (R&B), jazz, rock, reggae, classical, folk, and so much more. However, not many people actually appreciate or understand the effort put in by musicians to create such beautiful music. In any given musical tune, you can have the beautiful beats from the drummers, the synchronising sounds of the synthesizer players, the melodious tunes of the pianists, and the mesmerising sounds from the guitarists. All these takes time and effort to play, record, and ultimately harmonise, to form the perfect music score, song, or track.

Another aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to the appreciation of beautiful music, is the instruments used to create the various sounds and tunes. These include, but not limited to, pianos, guitars, trumpets, synthesizers, violins, drums and much more. In order for these musical instruments to continue providing the beautiful music we hear, they have to be looked after properly, and protected from damage and wear and tear. As such, let’s delve into some of the top ways you can keep your musical instruments protected, and last longer.

Ensure that The Musical Instruments are Clean and Neat
Would you want your valuable items to get dirty and damaged easily? I’m sure not, and the same rationale should be applied to your musical instruments. Most musical instruments today do not come cheap, even if they are second hand ones. Since you have forked out so much money to buy them, why not take the extra effort to protect them, just like how you would your valuable items.

Musical instruments, just like your valuable items, can collect dust, dirt, and become dirty, if they are not maintained properly. On top of that , they can be stained with fingerprints and oil, and get scratched or damaged. Although it is nearly impossible to avoid all these, you can actually take necessary steps to minimise or get rid of them. Some simple steps include wiping your musical instruments with a dry and dirt-free cloth. This will get rid of dirt, debris, hairs, scraps or dirt that have accumulated on your musical instruments. However, you should endeavour to dismantle removable parts, if any, before you go ahead with your wiping or cleaning. In addition, use paste and resin for polishing and waxing, should your musical instruments contain wooden parts. Polishing and waxing will not only provide a fresh and glossy appearance, it will help to protect your musical instruments as well.

Use a Protective Case or Cover
The next simple way you can protect your musical instruments is by using a protective case or cover. A case works well for small or medium musical instruments such as a guitar, violin or trumpet. These kinds of instruments will be protected from dust, wet weather, dirt, and insects when they are placed inside protective cases. On top of that, you can easily carry your instruments around with such cases since they are lightweight and not bulky.

On the other hand, protective covers work well with big and bulky musical instruments such as a piano. A big piano can be covered with a grand piano cover. These kinds of covers help to protect the piano from dirt, dust, spillage, and even high temperatures. If you are interested to find out more about piano covers, then visit Clairevoire.