SEO has long been a big mystery in the world of marketing. Just when SEO professionals thought they already unraveled the blueprint for successful SEO campaigns, Google created drastic changes to its algorithm and those that used to work in the past are already obsolete and no longer applicable today. On top of that, there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to SEO Singapore. Having said this, what are the top SEO predictions this coming 2021?

Creation of Quality SEO Content Will Still Reign Supreme
The May 2020 Google update now allows better and natural understanding behind the purpose of search queries of users with the non-directional NLP or natural language processing model unlike the previous right to left or left to right.

It just means that site content should have excellent information architecture together with strategic insertion of keywords, compelling message for better user experience, and advanced HTML markup. Achieving outstanding user experience can give positive behavioral signals to Google that it relies on the most to determine the rank of your URLs and keywords.

Mobile-First Indexing and Site Performance Will Continue to be Important
Optimizing your website for trustworthiness and speed is going to be more important in SEO Singapore this coming 2021. Google has already shared the new metrics it will use to measure technical health with the launch of Core Web Vitals.

AMP or accelerated mobile pages will also become more crucial as more users conduct mobile-first search queries and must offer a completely fast, minimal, and fast experience to all mobile users. This is in addition to a responsive desktop website.

Backlinks Will Become Less Important Little by Little
Backlinks are great only if these come from trusted high authority domains. These also work if they are related to the domain and page they point to and could be achieved at scale. It is also a bit tough to generate backlinks as there are only a few legitimate opportunities. Even if there are, most high authority domains don’t really like to be solicited even if you have relevant and great content.

With the continuous recent updates, Google bots have become more sophisticated with little need to count on the number of backlinks just as much for ranking signals. A few years from now, the use of manipulative link building might become an extinct SEO strategy. However, just to make it clear, getting high quality backlinks at scale remains to be a great way to boost site SEO, particularly for newer domains.

Social Media Links Will Remain as Hints Instead of Ranking Signals
How SEO and social media backlinks are related is not really clear cut. For years, Google has iterated that social media backlinks don’t provide ranking signals or link equity to your domain. However, research seems to reveal that social sharing can at least help SEO rankings in the sense that more behavioral signals get sent over to Google from the social visits that can be considered as hints about authoritative content.

No one can really tell for sure what SEO Singapore will look like in 2021. However, as long as you focus on users and stay tuned to SEO experts, your SEO future will surely look bright and exciting.