Heading towards Singapore for the vacations, you will have a great experience, especially regarding the food. You will discover a new taste and cuisines there and it will be a great experience. Singapore is famous for its delicious food, and is a paradise for halal food. Singapore now has a range of halal food entries.

We made a list of the top halal Singaporean restaurants for your convenience, to give you a wonderful food experience, and to make your trip awesome.

Kucina Italian Restaurant (Italian)
Are you craving pasta in Singapore? Then Kucina is the most suitable place for Muslim pasta lovers. Kucina is a Muslim owned Italian halal restaurant. It is a true blessing for Muslims where they get to enjoy the variety of Italian food. This restaurant is perfectly fit for the families to dine in and gather with friends. Do not forget to try their mouth-watering sweet dish named tiramisu Nutella.

Yi Zun Noodle
Yi Zun Noodle is also known by the name, Chinese Hand-pulled Beef Noodles. A Chinese Muslim couple from China established it, and recently, they have opened their second outlet. Their popular specialty dish is beef or chicken noodles. The chefs will show their tricks in making the noodles and will pull in front of you from a small window, making your appetite bigger. Yi Zun Noodle also offers many other dishes on their menu card like a spicy chicken with gravy.

You definitely need to visit this cafe during your trip to Singapore. Afterwit offers delicious Mexican and Asian fusion food. What makes it unique is their great trick to mix the local flavor into classical Mexican cuisine. Moreover, it serves unique tacos, cheese quesadillas, and many other dishes. Although its dishes are on the expensive side, you will never regret paying slightly more for such delicious food.

The Andes by Astons
This restaurant is a Western Steakhouse which serves juicy meat that comes complete with a halal food certification. The Andes offers grilled steaks and chicken, creamy coleslaw, mac n cheese and much more. You can find everything on one plate if you desire to have the best Halal western food in Singapore.

Kohnangkam (Thai)
Some days we all have a Thai food craving, so in Singapore, the best option to fulfill your desire is Kohnangkam. This restaurant offers one of the most authentic and rich Thai flavored foods in town. We are a great fan of their food, especially their green curee, and panda chicken. Their towering glass of Thai milk tea helps to mask spices’ flavor after consuming their spicy dishes.

Zam Zam (Indian Muslim)
Zam Zam is one of the most famous halal eateries that offers Indian food. Their most popular dish definitely has to be murtabak. When ordering this dish, you will have choices for the fillings like chicken, mutton, beef, and even deer meat. Murtabak is generally served with a layer of dough on the bottom and an egg layer at the top, garnished with minced meat on the top of everything. Other than murtabak, Zam Zama also serves roti prata, biryani, fish curry, and a long list of other mouth watering dishes.