If you are living in a very urbanized area, you can probably relate to people living in a small space. But living in a small space doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate it well. Choosing a piece of furniture for a small space can be a challenge but here are some tips on what can you do with the pieces of furniture singapore that you have so that you can decorate your small space and make it seem larger than it is.

By simply installing a mirror in your blank wall can magically make your space look wider than it is. You may have a blank wall in your small room, put a large mirror in there and see the magical difference. However, if you find one large mirror costly, you may want to do a collage of mirrors. It will still have the same effect but with a lesser price.

Avoid Overcrowding.
Always think of it this way, it is always better to have one regular size sofa rather than multiple petite sofas for your small space. The functionality of your furniture is very important. If you are going to choose a piece of smaller size furniture, just because you have a small space, that might not serve the purpose. Aside from that, multiple tiny pieces can look cluttered eventually making your space look smaller instead of wider. Better choose a few normal-sized pieces of furniture.

Paint your bulky furniture
If you have a small space and you have bulky furniture, for example, a closet, you can paint them the same color as your wall. This way, your bulky furniture will not get attention too much. Aside from that, making it look like it is part of the wall can have the illusion of a room wider than it is.

Utilize your walls
If you are living in a small space, the floor area most likely is occupied with your other furniture. Utilize your wall space and choose a piece of furniture that you can hang. Most of the time, these are storage units. What is good about utilizing the walls is that there will be more floor space and more storage.

Choose a multipurpose furniture
There is some dining table out there that also has a storage unit below. A bed with drawers. There are many options of furniture out there that can be considered as multipurpose. If you cannot find one that is already made, maybe you can check with your local furniture manufacturer if they can customize these pieces of furniture for you. If you are struggling with space, it is better to choose a piece of furniture that has a dual purpose.

The key in choosing a piece of furniture for a small space is to prioritize. Think of the things that you want to have in your small space. Do you want to have a lounge area or a good sleeping area? Do you prefer a good dining area or wide living space? This is what you need to consider so that you can maximize your space, and will not buy unnecessary pieces of furniture.