Ever since the pandemic, the go to shopping solution of the people are online platforms. May it be clothes, food or grocery, you can find it online. There are many online platforms that sells abayas and there are a lot of options too. But since you cannot fit the abayas that you are buying, you must be careful in choosing the clothes you are checking out. You don’t want to be hassled by returning all the items you ordered online because it doesn’t meet your expectation.
Here are some tips for abaya online shopping.

Always look for the reviews
Some people might be rating this item here and there without a comment, but there will always be one that has a comment on the item. Be sure to read those. It is always helpful to read multiple comments first before buying the items. At least from there, you can have an assessment if the item is good or not. What is good about the abaya, the reviews of those will be instant. It doesn’t need to be tested for long before they can comment on the fabric or the design.

Check the sizes dimensions given by the seller
Although the sizes should be standard, these sellers know the sizes well. Sometimes they would mention that it is suggested to go one size up or down, depending on the item. Check the dimensions carefully. It is always good to have a measuring tape with you when checking items online so that you could have an idea of the measurement mentioned. Customers would also comment on the sizes so again, going back to tip number 1, it is always good to check the reviews.

Manage your expectations with the color
Some items would look different in a different lighting. Sometimes, there would be a slight difference in colors of the abaya from the pictures and in real life. Photos for marketing can be edited so it can be slightly brighter that the actual. Or if it is not edited, the lighting is different from your lighting, so the color appears to be different.

Know your fabric material
When you read the specification of the abaya, you should read what are the material of the fabric used. If you don’t know these fabric materials, you can search it in the internet and check the picture so you have a clear imagination of what the fabric used would be. This way, you can have an idea of how your abaya would look like.

It is always a good idea to shop only on trusted online stores or online stores for brands. You don’t want to be scammed with those people pretending to be online sellers only to get money from you. Be vigilant. Always check for proof of legitimacy if you are buying abayas to a small time seller. And the main tip when buying items, any items, online is to always be informed before checking out. Don’t just blindly check out even if it’s on sale. It is always better to be safe that sorry.