Choosing the right type of curtains singapore for your home or room can be a bit tricky as there a lot of things you need to consider. To save yourself from the stress and trouble, take a look below to know the different types you can find in the market right now:

Box Pleat
These curtains look great in bedrooms, lounges, and dining rooms. The folds of these curtains run uninterrupted and deep across the fabric’s entire length to provide full coverage with tailored appearance.

Goblet Pleat
The goblet pleat curtains are perfect for high ceilinged large formal rooms. Their name is inspired by their resemblance to a wine glass or goblet. Since the pleats have a delicate structure, this particular style of curtains Singapore must stay stationary and used only for framing and decorating the window. These might not be the best choice for curtains that require constant use.

Grommet or Eyelet Curtains
Grommet or eyelet curtains boast of a modern and contemporary style. Grommets or open rings are used for supporting the panels. These rings let you close or open the curtains easily, making these panels a great option for bedrooms.
Just remember though, that the curtain hardware you use can be seen through the rings so make sure you use aesthetically pleasing curtain finials and rods.

Pleated Curtains
If you want to achieve a formal or traditional style, your best choices are pleated curtains. These curtains are often made with heavier and thicker fabrics.
You can go for this kind of pleat depending on the look you wish to achieve for the room. The most common styles of pleated curtains include the following:

Pencil Pleat
A pencil pleat curtain has thinner single pleats making it easier to work with different curtain rods or hooks. These curtains are more casual compared to box pleat or goblet curtains. These curtains are perfect for living rooms or bedrooms where formality is not necessary.

Tailored Pleat or Pinch Pleat
Pinch pleat curtains are among the most popular types of curtains Singapore. These pleats are stitched then pitched on the upper part to allow the fabric’s folds to flow below and form a formal and elegant look. These pinch pleat curtains can range from five-finger to two-finger pleats. The presence of more pleats gives the curtains a much fuller appearance. The three-finger pleats are considered as the most common type of these curtains. These curtains are best used in sitting rooms, entertaining rooms, and master bedrooms.

Cased Heading or Rod-Pocket Curtains
Rod-pocket curtains are often made of sheer or lightweight fabrics with a more casual style. Such curtains are easy to assemble as well. All you need to do is slip the curtain rod through the fabric’s pocket and you are good to go.
These curtains go well with another layer like blackout curtains. Just remember that these panels are typically comfortable with tighter-fit and thinner curtain rods. They are also best for casual decoration and might not be great for frequent closing or opening.

Choose from these curtains Singapore to spice up your rooms!