Managing your time effectively and planning your goals and aspirations are not as complicated as you think. It basically involves laying the outline or methods you wish to require to accomplish your goals within a stipulated time period. When planning, do observe of the following:
1) Pay close attention to your goal and the time you need to take to achieve it.
2) List down the methods you need to take to achieve it.
3) Look through the methods thoroughly and refine it.

Warning: Do not bypass this step. It’s going to sound redundant to you initially but I guarantee that you just will better manage all your time after you actually plan for the task you wish to realize.

Make A Timetable
Remember the sheet of paper I ask you to keep away for a while, the one where you calculated how much time you need? Well, take it out because you’ll be using it soon. Now, you will learn how to divide your time efficiently so that you will be even more organised and get things done faster.

To do that, you will need to prepare a timetable. It can be a daily, weekly or monthly timetable. Make it in a table form and do take note of these steps as well as your time calculation sheet of paper when preparing your timetable:
1) Have a title for the time period. Eg: Wed, 30 May 2014
2) Ensure that your timetable is organised according to
3) Fill in the timings- Do not worry if they aren’t even
4) Fill in the basic activities you need to complete first along
with the time needed for each activity. Eg: eating and
5) Fill in the activities your want to achieve based on the
goals you set earlier.
6) Follow your timetable consistently.

Remain Focus & Fight Procrastination
You are now better armed with powerful methods on how to better optimise your time. But all which will be useless if you not possess one major trait: focus. Being focus means to set your mind and actions on your goals and work towards achieving them. It is actually easier said that done. And this is often mainly because of one major enemy that every and each one among us face and succumb to quite easily.

That enemy is: Procrastination. Procrastination is the act of holding or putting off things that need to be done until a later period of time. The problem with procrastination though is that when we put off the things we intend to do for such a long of period of time we sometimes eventually do not do it.

There are actually a few steps we can take to fight procrastination:
1) Be focus on your goal
2) Remain focus by staying motivated, getting
inspiration and maximising your concentration
3) Set your mind to achieve your goal
4) While your mind is set, work and persevere towards achieving your goal