Wrinkles are the result of ageing. In general, they cannot be removed entirely, but the formation of wrinkles can be stopped and slowed down significantly. It is, therefore, important that you deal with your wrinkles as early as possible. Prevent wrinkles early enough so that you do not develop wrinkles quickly in old age. You should start taking anti-wrinkle care as early as the age of 20. In the beginning, you should take a light day care product and then switch to anti-aging creams, especially for beginners. Make sure that the creams contain refreshing and healthy ingredients such as vitamins, ceramides, and green tea extracts. Your skin will stay firm and wrinkle-free for much longer.

However, if you still develop wrinkles, then one of the main ways to overcome it is to undergo a thread lift Korea procedure. However, after undergoing the procedure, you need to take good care of your face once you have fully recovered.

Ways to Protect your Face
There are many ways to protect your face after you have recovered from the procedure. These anti-aging wonders can be a nice addition to modern medical remedies.

Aloe Vera for the Face
The desert plant aloe vera is an expert in storing water. This property benefits our skin. It has a rejuvenating effect and reduces the first fine lines by replenishing the skin’s moisture stores. As a cream, it has a positive effect on the skin, and when taken, it strengthens the immune system. Therefore the regular use of a natural aloe vera gel is ideal to protect your face.

Fresh air in every season
Going for a walk ensures good blood circulation in the skin and is active against wrinkles. A brisk walk provides increased oxygen, which also reaches the skin. Being outside in the rain or light, stimulates the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid by gently massaging the face’s skin. What can be better than the body’s own hyaluronic acid! They are found in food in fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, kiwi, cabbage and broccoli. These fruits and vegetables are suppliers of the body’s own hyaluronic acid.

Silica for a smooth face
Silica is great for fighting facial wrinkles, and is also known as Silica Gel. It can be obtained from rock crystals. This mineral has a cleansing and strengthening effect on the facial skin.

Good and healthy food
Eating an alkaline diet has a long-term anti-aging effect on the skin and only takes effect after a while. You need to combine suitable foods to achieve this. Cucumber and cottage cheese work in the body for rejuvenating hydration. In addition, tzatziki can also be made as cool as possible on the eyes for a fresh complexion.

Water helps and heals
Drinking water helps the body to purify the skin. The cells come to life and can ensure a good metabolism, which also benefits the skin. Even with half a liter of water a day, the skin is supplied with more blood and increased elasticity. That is why a large, warm glass of water for breakfast works like a miracle cure every day.