Many holiday travellers embark on their trip with a YOLO (you only live once) mindset, and do not plan it properly. As such, they later discover that they do not have sufficient time to enjoy the sights and sounds of their holiday destination, and get souvenir and funny gifts for their loved ones back home. Some cheat their way by buying such gifts on websites like and have them delivered to their homes, but ultimately, it will not be the same as getting the gifts from the holiday destination they are visiting. As such, let’s look at how you can prepare an itinerary, to give you sufficient time to enjoy your holiday trip and get all the souvenir and funny gifts you want for your loved ones.

The first thing you can do in preparing an itinerary is to list down the activities you’ll be doing on your trip, places you wish to visit, and where you can get gifts. Then calculate how much time you need for each of the things on the list. Now, you will learn how to prepare your itinerary properly, and divide your time efficiently so that you will be even more organised and get things done faster and better on your holiday trip.
To do that, you will need to prepare a simple timetable or timeline for the total number of days you will be spending on your holiday trip. Make it in a table or column/row form and do take note of these steps as well as your time calculation sheet of paper when preparing your timetable or timeline for you itinerary

  • Have a title for the time period. Eg: Wed, 30 May 2020
  • Ensure that your timetable or timeline itinerary is organised according to Day and Time
  • Fill in the timings- do not worry if they aren’t even
  • Fill in the basic activities you need to complete first along with the time needed for each activity. For example checking into your accommodations, eating at specific eateries, visiting places of interest and buying souvenir gifts for your loved ones back home.
  • Fill in the activities you want to achieve based on the list you prepared earlier.
  • While on your trip, follow your timetable consistently, but allow room for adjustments based on the time and scenarios you face while on your trip.

Remain Focus & Fight the Urge to Deviate Unnecessarily from your Itinerary
You are now better armed with a powerful itinerary on how to better optimise your time while on your holiday trip . But all that can be useless if you do not have one major trait: focus. Being focused means to set your mind and actions on your holiday goals and work towards achieving them. It is actually easier said than done. And this is mainly due to one major enemy that each and every one of us face and succumb to quite easily while on overseas trips. That enemy is succumbing to your urge to deviate from your itinerary.

There are actually a few steps you can take to fight this urge.

  • Be focused on your holiday goals, and set your mind to achieve your holiday goals.
  • While your mind is set, work and persevere towards achieving your holiday goals.
  • Ultimately, make sure you have fun while on your holiday and not worry too much about getting the souvenir gifts for your loved ones back home.