Phuket is located on the southern province of Thailand, and is the largest island in the country. The province itself is about five hundred and seventy-six square kilometres in area, and is made up of Phuket and thirty-two smaller islands. In the past, Phuket played an integral part in the trading routes between India and China, as detailed in various logs of trading ships from Western countries such as Netherlands, Portugal, France and England. While tourism is now the major source of income for Phuket, it used to obtain its income from trading tin and rubber.

Phuket is another traveling destination you must visit if you like to go on Muslim holidays. It is home to more than two-dozen beaches and has delicious cuisines from cultures around the world. As you consider which halal hotel in Phuket to visit, these should definitely be on your list of considerations. Each of them has Muslim-friendly foods and accommodations.

Di Pantai Boutique Beach Resort

Di Pantai Boutique Beach Resort has an onsite restaurant and plenty of Muslim street food vendors, which makes enjoying the cuisine at this resort easy. It is located opposite of Kalim beach and has a balcony with a great view of the mountains and sea. This resort is a must if you like fine sandy beaches and sumptuous dining.

Aleenta Resort and Spa

Aleenta Resort and Spa is a pricier option, but it has deluxe Muslim accommodations. It is only 20 minutes from the airport and offers a personal pool, which is important to Islam culture, since both Muslim men and women have to protect their modesty when in public view. The restaurant also has delicious foods prepared with halal and vegetarian ingredients, stemming from Thai and fusion cuisine.

Bangtao Beach Chalet Resort

Bangtao Beach Chalet Resort is found at the heart of Phuket, surrounded by a tropical garden. It offers benefits like prayer dresses for females, prayer timetables, and praying mats. These benefits are especially for Muslims who do not wish to miss their five daily prayers even though they are travelling.

Yim Siam Hotel

The Yim-Siam hotel is located close to sandy beaches. It is also a short distance from Bangla Road and Jungceylon Shopping Mall. It is low-priced, but still offers quality accommodations and halal cuisines.

99 Oldtown Boutique Guesthouse

99 Oldtown Boutique Guesthouse is a lavishly decorated hotel, which is inexpensive for visitors. It has a peaceful ambiance and features authentic Chinese and Portuguese architectural design. It is also near the city, which has many restaurants offering halal options on their menu.

When you travel, it is easy to let the stress of planning overwhelm the fun of what you are going to experience. Make things easier by working with a halal traveling agency. These agencies can help you book Muslim-friendly airfare, food, lodgings, and activities in Phuket and other locations around the world. Alternatively, you can check out online halal guides such as which offers not only curated content on halal and Muslim-friendly places to visit, but provide online accommodation and flight bookings as well.